Smoke Machine Automotive Leak Detector,Evap Vacuum Smoke Diagnostic Tester,Pipeline Fuel Leakage Detector Compatible with 12V Vehicles

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Evap Smoke Machine

Smoke Leak Detector

【Why Need It】For example: 1. The rupture of the vacuum hose will cause the mixture to be too thick, the idle speed will increase, the hot car will not start well, the engine will surge during acceleration, the fuel consumption will increase significantly, and the exhaust pipe will emit black smoke. 2. Blocking will cause the idle speed to drift, and the idle speed is easy to stall. 3. Air leakage in the vacuum tube will cause the engine to run weakly
【No Air Pump】1. The AUTOOL SDT103 smoke leak detector doesn’t come with an internal air pump, so you’ll need to connect it to an external workshop air source and a 12V vehicle power supply to bring in the workshop air.2. Turn the flow control dial of the AUTOOL SDT103 smoke leak detector counterclockwise to open the airflow, and then switch on the power at the back of the device. This will start the AUTOOL SDT103 machine, generating smoke. (When adding smoke oil to the AUTOOL SDT103 smoke leak detector, make sure not to exceed 20 ml, and please use baby oil or paraffin oila).
【External Flow Meter】You can easily control the air pressure, because the air pressure of each pipe in the car is different. If the air pressure is too high, the pipe will be damaged, and if the air pressure is too low, the leak will not be detected. Therefore, the flow meter is very important to protect your detection system more effectively. Make testing safer
【EVAP Detection】American cars that began production in 1996 are equipped with EVAP service ports; in most American cars, the EVAP service port is usually located in the engine compartment, but the EVAP service port of some special models may be located in other locations. Open the plastic cover of the EVAP service port, then use the spool wrench to remove the check valve clockwise, then install the EVAP service port adapter, and introduce smoke from the port into the EVAP leak detection system.
【Wide Testing Range】The smoke leak detector can do smoke testing of multiple systems, such as EVAP systems, Intake Systems, Cooling / EGR /Exhaust Systems, Crankcase Systems, Engine Airtightness, Vacuum Leaks, Low Pressure Turbo leaks.Applicable cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, ATVs, light trucks and speedboats boats.
【Three Years Warranty and Lifelong Maintenance】For the damage caused by non-human factors, AUTOOL promises to resend the parts for free within 3 years. For any demand, we warmly welcome you to tell us, and we will reply you as soon as possible within 24 hours.


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