OEMTOOLS 37161 Noid Light Set, 8-Piece, Diagnose Issues in Any Automobile’s Ignition or Fuel Injection Systems, Work with Nearly Every Modern Car, Mechanics’ Tools, Come with Carrying Case

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The OEMTOOLS 37161 Noid Light Kit includes 8 fuel injector tester lights for some of the most common fuel injector systems on the market, including: GM TBI, GM SCPI, GM PFI, Ford TBI, GEO TBI, Bosch PFI, Bosch Type 2, and GM Multec 2. The noid test lights are easy to use and easy to read. Simply insert them into the wiring harness plug of your fuel injectors one at a time and start your engine. (Note: make sure to unhook your battery to insert the noid light, and then hook it back up and turn on the engine to test the light). Working fuel injectors will cause the noid light to pulse light, whereas failing fuel injectors will create a steady unpulsing light, or no light at all. In this way, you can identify fuel injector issues, and work backwards to the root cause. Injector system issues can be tricky, and our noid light kit makes fixing them much more manageable. Weve designed this tool for professional mechanics, who need to regularly diagnose and fix fuel injector issues in a variety of makes and models. INCLUDES TESTERS FOR THE FOLLOWING INJUECTOR SYSTEMS: – GM TBI – GM SCPI – GM PFI – Ford TBI – GEO TBI – Bosch PFI – Bosch Type 2 – GM Multec 2
Fuel Injector System Tester: The OEMTOOLS 8 Piece Noid Light Set checks electrical impulses from the wiring harness to the fuel injectors
Includes Testers For The Following Injector Systems: GM TBI, GM SCPI, GM PFI, Ford TBI, GEO TBI, Bosch PFI, Bosch Type 2 and GM Multec 2
Easy To Use: See-through design to check electrical pulses; Simply insert noid light connecters into each fuel injector wiring harness plug, until you find the defective injector; Healthy injectors cause the noid lights to pulse with light; Unhealthy injectors will read as a solid light or as no light
Designed For Mechanics: Comes in a blow mold case for easy storage and organization, and features noid lights for 8 of the most common fuel injector systems
Must-Have For Every Tool Kit: If you’re having ignition system issues of any kind, it’s a process to find where the problem originates; The noid lights allow you to figure out where the problem originates through a process of elimination


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