Fitness Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Step Counter Activity Tracker with Pedometer & Sleep Monitor, Calories, Step Tracking for Women Men Compatible with Android iOS

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Product Description


To get a satisfactory experience, you can do the following:

1. Trouble turning on? If 5 seconds doesn’t work, charge by inserting one wristband end with the metal piece into any USB source for 5 mins. Touch the button for 3 seconds to activate.

2. Charging issues? It might be the wrong way! Successful charging triggers vibration and a charging icon. Check the manual or contact support for details.

3. Notice incorrect time after your wristband’s battery runs out and it shuts down? Simply charge it and connect to the app to synchronize with your phone’s time.

4. Device problems? Contact our one-on-one customer support for quick assistance.

5. Before you proceed with the connection, take a moment to check your phone’s Bluetooth settings for any existing paired watches. If you find any, delete the pairing information before initiating the new pairing process.







Sedentary Reminder

Switch on the Sedentary Alert function and set the alert time. Fitness tracker will vibrate and remind you to move or exercise after the set sedentary alert period passed. Balance work and leisure, and enjoy a happy work-life balance.

Intelligent Reminders

After connecting your fitness watch to the app and activating smart notifications, the watch will vibrate to remind you of any incoming messages/calls. You won’t miss any important messages, whether you’re busy or your phone isn’t nearby. (Tips: it can not make calls or text back)

Remote Photo Control

Capture breathtaking selfies, group photos, or videos with a simple tap, ensuring you’re always in the frame.




Notification Alarms

Customize up to 10 alarms on our sports watch using the app to suit your specific needs, such as waking up, sleeping, appointments, meetings, dinner, and more. Using it is as simple as long-pressing the touch key on the wristband for 2 seconds to enable/disable the alarm function.

Simple Charging, Durable Battery

With a built-in USB charger, this pedometer is incredibly convenient and eliminates the need to worry about lost chargers. Charging is as simple as pulling the watchband off clockwise and inserting the metal pins into a USB port. A two-hour charge can provide a week’s worth of use.

Product Dimensions

Our watch straps are adjustable for both large and small wrists. The maximum circumference is 7.6 inches, and the minimum circumference is 5.4 inches. Fitness tracker for women men.

Q1: About connection

Please download our APP according to the user guide, open the APP, select “Device” at the bottom, then click “Bind Device” to enter the “Bind Device” page, select the watch Bluetooth in the list, and the connection will be successful.

Q2: The time on the watch is inaccurate

1) When the watch and App are successfully connected, the watch will synchronize the phone time.

2) After the bracelet is depleted and shut down, leaving it alone for a long time will cause the time to be incorrect. After charging, connect the App to synchronize the time on your phone.

Q3: The app can’t find the watch Bluetooth?

1) Make sure your mobile phone system Bluetooth is turned on.

2) Make sure that the watch is not connected to the mobile phone system Bluetooth. If it is connected, please disconnect from the system Bluetooth first, because the APP will automatically block devices connected to the system Bluetooth when searching.

Q4: Heart rate detection is not accurate?

Non-standard wearing methods will affect the measurement of heart rate signals; the correct measurement method is to lay your arms flat, relax and keep them still, and ensure that the bracelet is close to your wrist.

Q5:Count Steps Accurately Guide

Regarding the step counting, this fitness tracker has a built-in 3D sensor. It registers your steps when you swing your arm. Sometimes the data on device may displayed a little delayed. And it will reset itself if you walk continuously less than 40 steps. To test the accuracy of the pedometer, please walk casually and continuously up to 100 steps or more.

Q6:SMS/Calls notifications

Calls/SMS notification function works when the devicecon-nects to your smartphone via APP.

Please note: Certain features may be affected if your device is disconnected or in “Do Not Disturb” mode.

Multi-Sport Fitness Tracker: This fitness watch monitors your daily activity, like steps, calories, distance, and workout duration. You can select more modes from the App, like walking, running, biking, Dancing, Badminton, Tennis, Yoga and others.
Main Smart Functions: With step counting, sleep monitoring, heart rate tracking, call and message alerts, alarms, sedentary reminders, and a remote camera function, this fitness tracker has many features you need for a better experience.
Heart & Sleep Monitor: The fitness watch can monitor your heart rate throughout the day. It can also monitor your sleep at night, it is a smart health monitoring partner.Fitness tracker for women men.
Stay Connected on Your Wrist: You can get calls, SMS messages, and SMS notifications directly on your wrist including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and Gmail. You won’t missing any important calls and message, and keeps you online.
Easy to Charge: With a built-in USB plug, this pedometer is easy to charge and ready for use in just 2 hours. Enjoy up to 7 days of use on a single charge. Only works with Android 4.4 and iOS 7.1 or later smartphones. (Please note: For correct charging, please insert the metal end into the USB port.)
Customer Support: Please feel free to get in touch with us via your order if you have any questions about our products. We provide 24 hours premium customer service.


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